Kitchen Ideas

Turquoise Glass Kitchen

The Kitchen is the focal point of most homes.  Adding style and drama to your kitchen is easy with a beautiful colorful backsplash, especially when adding it to a  Black and White Kitchen.  The Colored Back Splash will bring out the drama and style of your  Kitchen, and add Pizzazz to the existing space.   If you have a small kitchen, consider incorporating shimmering tiles to open up  the space up. Just like a mirror, the brilliant sheen of these Turquoise Glass subway tiles reflects light and makes the space feel more open.

A vibrant Turquoise hue adds a  dash of drama to this predominantly beautiful colorful back splash and makes this small space much more interesting.

Kitchen Ideas

Wine Fridge

Everyone needs a Wine Fridge in their kitchen, regardless of the size. A  Wine fridges does not have to be regulated to the kitchen so if you have always wanted one but didn’t think you had the space, take a second look at your home; the perfect space is probably right under your nose!   Most wine fridges have two temperature zones so you can store white wine on top, and red on the bottom.  White wine is best stored between 40-45 degrees, while red is at 50-55 degrees.Whether wine is your hobby  to collect exotic or rare vintages, or you just enjoy having plenty of wine on hand for impromptu guests, proper wine storage is a smart investment for you. 

Kitchen Ideas

Nicole_Work0011Country French

This was my first project.  I had purchased  this pre-war 550 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment, and it was in desperate need of a complete  renovation.  I turned this tired old space into a beautiful Country French Chalet in the middle of Manhattan!  I ripped off the wall that led from the kitchen into the Living room, and  added all new cabinetry and basically started over!  I purchased all new appliances, with a hooded vent that had a circular ventilation system to re-distribute.   For those kitchens  that do not have a window in your kitchen, a circular ventilation system is the best way to keep the smell out, and utilize your kitchen daily.  I also tiled the counter top to really give the country french feeling, and used Yellow  paint on the walls and  white furniture to create a soft, cozy, warm  feeling.