Outdoor Ideas

White PorchBeautiful PorchThe before and after photos of this porch, says it all!  White on white, with a hint of vanilla and turquoise  is beyond beautiful;  it is clean, serine and peaceful!  Patios are our favorite spot to relax in the warmer months during the year, especially one that offers the option to be closed or opened at any given time.  We added retractable screens to this already beautiful porch, so it can be opened or closed on any given day or time!  Which not only makes it an covered porch, but an enclosed porch  as well, so you never have to be bothered with bugs, or bad weather conditions, and you can enjoy it year round.

Covered Porches offer great protection from the heat and is usually large enough to accommodate a wide variety of furniture and other outdoor accessories.  Enclosed porches often combine the best of indoor and outdoor living into one. The comfort and ease of indoor living is matched to the natural and refreshing aspect of an outdoor space in a unique package that is sure to prove enjoyable year round living.  This porch has the best of both worlds, covered and enclosed!  



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