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293823_259535580807722_52432027_nNicole is a native New Yorker who has been decorating and renovating residential living spaces in New York City for the past 20 years.  She has been called a true visionary with an uncanny ability to transform a tired, outdated  space into a beautiful, warm, and stylish home. She has a unique way of combining her artistic eye with her client’s desires, no matter what the restrictions may be.

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University and has been a Certified Art Instructor since 1992. She is certified in the School of Interior Redesign, and a member of the Association of Design Education.  Possessing a rich background in Art History, her elegant style was honed by her studies in Italy and France, and ranges from contemporary to traditional. Her passion for color and texture, expertise with layout and design, and keen eye for detail enable Nicole to create personalized living spaces for her clients that are expressive of their individual spirit and lifestyles.

Nicole likes to work with natural materials such as stone, recycled glass and porcelain, and specializes in kitchen and bath renovation. She is also superb at refinishing and re-upholstering old, worn furniture and magically brings them back to life. By recycling used pieces rather than purchasing  brand new items into her interior designs, Nicole is able to create a beautiful living space that is not only truly special and unique, but  also works within your budget.


Her creative vision is endless,

Her meticulous attention to detail is profound,


Her projects truly speak for themselves!


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