Hibiscus Beauty

BeautifulAdding beautiful flowers around your pool with bring love, light and serenity to any given space.

The hibiscus plant itself is large and dramatic, and it needs plenty of space to show off. Although the huge funnel-shape flowers seldom last more than a day, they are abundant and the plant blooms over several weeks. The large leaves tend to draw Japanese beetles. Hibiscus needs plenty of water, so grow it in rich, loose, well-drained soil where you can water it easily and regularly during dry spells.

Outdoor Space

iDecorr.coiDecorr.coiDecorr.coIt can take all summer to figure out which flowering plants work with your style, likes and dislikes surrounding your home. The out side of your home is just as important as the inside, and it takes alot of work and  tender, love and care.  However, once you get it right, it is absolutely beautiful.