Kitchen Ideas

Turquoise Glass Kitchen

The Kitchen is the focal point of most homes.  Adding style and drama to your kitchen is easy with a beautiful colorful backsplash, especially when adding it to a  Black and White Kitchen.  The Colored Back Splash will bring out the drama and style of your  Kitchen, and add Pizzazz to the existing space.   If you have a small kitchen, consider incorporating shimmering tiles to open up  the space up. Just like a mirror, the brilliant sheen of these Turquoise Glass subway tiles reflects light and makes the space feel more open.

A vibrant Turquoise hue adds a  dash of drama to this predominantly beautiful colorful back splash and makes this small space much more interesting.

Kitchen Ideas

Nicole_Work0018Tiger Eye Kitchen


This Kitchen looked like a giant Marshmallow when I first got in there!  Much needed to get done.  First, all new stainless steel appliances, then, all new Kitchen Cabinet doors and knobs.  Of course nothing open ups a Kitchen like glass cabinet doors, which I felt was mandatory!   We also added a wine rack on top of the refrigerator (an area where everyone forgets about), but nothing adds sex appeal to a White Kitchen like Tiger Eye!  Tiger Eye granite is warm, wild, eye appealing and sexy, especially when accompanied with tumbled marble on an angel, just the ingredients to liven up a boring  white kitchen and add tremendous sex appeal!

Wet Bar

Wet BarA “wet bar” adds entertainment and fun to any home, but the  colbolt blue granite, against the ballet white walls, with halogen lighting and royal blue covers,  just adds a touch of class and ease to this space.  This wet bar brings a whole new meaning to entertaining, Home Decor, light and space.


Cherry Kitchen

Before Kitchen & Entrance WayCherry Kitchen

Holy Green!!  This apartment was GREEN from head to toe when we got in there ( I mean the color, not environmentally!)   Green wallpaper, green carpet throughout the entire space, and even green lighting, OY VEY!  After we got all the green out, we ripped down the wall between the kitchen into the living room to open up the apartment, however, we needed more cabinets.  After designing the the layout of the kitchen cabinetry, we added two custom column cabinets in Brazilian Cherry wood to match the existing cabinets with glass doors on both sides that opened up from either side of the room.  We also added new appliances, in black (dishwasher) and stainless steel (refrigerator) , new lighting, sink, faucet (on an angle) beautiful 4 x 4 cream tumbled marble (on an angel) and stunning rose quartz granite to seal the deal.

Simply Beautiful!