Bathroom Ideas



Ooh La La, this is when I learned that  a Chandelier can add elegance and beauty in any space, even a small NYC bathroom.    I purchased this apartment right after 9/11 and got a great deal on this 550 sq ft. Pre-war 1 bedroom.  It was in bad shape, and needed a complete renovation and a significant amount of home decor immediately!   This is when I learned that “White” was  my favorite color, especially in a bathroom and a kitchen.  White on white tiles with different  texture adds movement, in a clean, bright, simple way, and just makes the space more interesting.    After all of the projects I have done for my investor, my clients and myself, this by far was my favorite one!!

Bathroom Ideas

Master ShowerMaster BathMaster Bath Vanity


Transforms this tiny bathroom into a beautiful calming space with elements that enhance and make the bathroom seem larger.  Just because a bathroom lacks square footage, does not mean it cannot be functional and beautiful.  You can create a stylish small bath with a big impact that can maximize the beauty.  We used Crema Marfil Marble tiles throughout this space, and used a chocolate pencil border to accentuate the tile, to add contrast, volume and texture.  We also added a espresso vanity and corian white counter tops, along with beautiful glass shower doors to add depth to the room.

Nicole Mene’

Nicole MAs founder and owner of,  I have utilized my creativity and design expertise over the past 12 years, to help many clients renovate and decorate their homes on a budget.   Most people want to renovate, but think they cannot afford it, so  therefore they abandon the idea all together.   Beautiful renovations can be executed on a significant budget, and I would love to help coordinate your dream home for you.  Please e-mail me for a free consultation.

Roman Tub

Roman Tub


If you have a large space in your Master Bath, adding a separate shower and a  Roman Tub, will significantly increase the value of your home.  We surrounded this big beautiful Roman Tub  with  Travertine slabs, to match the flooring, and to give this Bathroom  more of a custom feel.   The large soft white Roman Shade provides privacy and beauty to this already exquisite  Bathroom. To complete the beauty and simplicity of this  Bath, we added  Kohler  faucets, and as you can see,  it  can really set the look and feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas

Cream Textured Roman Tub

Stone adds a natural element to a bath that leaves a comfortable, peaceful feeling.   The natural, soothing appeal of this tub comes from porcelain tiles displayed in a large, sexy brick shape, in a soft cream.  The decorative stone  border  finishes  the edges of the tiles, and the brushed silver Kohlor faucet, creates romance and  softness to this already Beautiful Jacuzzi Roman Tub.   This is where of peace  and serenity begins!


Beachy Bath

Bath by the BeachBeachy Bath A Joyful, Whimsical, Beachy Bathroom for the kids or your summer home, is just what the doctor ordered!  You do not need to spend a fortune to add a bit of a coastal style to your bathroom design.  Sea Glass & Sea Shell Wall tiles with White Shells in a vase, adds to the Beachy Decor that everyone loves! Do not forget to add a color, and what better color than Blue!   Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need for a fun Beachy Bath!  


Bathroom Ideas


Sexy Bathroom

Renovating a small bathroom, is always a significant challenge, however, we really made this bathroom perfect!  We removed the existing toilet, vanity, sink and faucet, and lighting and added a circular pedestal, new sink, faucets, mirror and brought in some character and charm.  We replaced  the old tempered glass shower door with a beautiful sliding glass door, added a new shower head.

Lighting Ideas


This was a 30 year old bathroom in a post war apartment with endless possibilities….  The carrara marble was in good shape, we just needed all new grout (white).  The tub is also original, and we did add a  functional permanent glass panel, with all new hardware.  We also added a new bathroom vanity, corian counter top, sink, faucet, new toilet, new towel bars, medicine cabinet and Of course a beautiful exquisite Chandelier.  A Chandelier can add softness and elegance to any room in your home with ease.  The beauty of a formal lighting fixture in a non-formal space, will bring character and charm, where you would normally not expect it, and is truly a showpiece.